Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The End of White Christian America

PBS News conducted an interview of author Robert P. Jones regarding his book The End of White Christian America. In the interview Jones cites a few obvious reasons for the the decline of White Christians in America (low white birthrates, immigration), as well as states that White Protestants were responsible for the creation of America. He gives a preview by explaining that his book begins with an obituary and ends with a eulogy. He says the reason that the book is important is because Americans need to understand that we are coming to the end of a cultural era. According to him, a few are grieving, but many are rejoicing and ready for something new (be careful what you wish for, the grass isn't always greener on the other side).

I haven't read Mr Jones' book, but I'm quite sure that he's smart enough to understand what the end of White Christian America means. I'm not sure if he warned his readers, but he seemed rather giddy in his interview. Perhaps it's because he already knows the title for his next book: Murica: The New Brown Secular 3rd World. A cause and effect book so elementary a 4th grader could write it, which makes it perfect for the reading level of the new Murica. The concept has already been captured by Hollywood with the movie Idiocracy.

If knowledge is experience, take a trip to Haiti, Mexico or the Congo and become enlightened on what your grandchildren have to look forward to. I'm sure if you gave them the choice they'd choose a 3rd world shithole over Western civilization any day, because hostile anti-White environments are so conducive for prosperity. I mean, put them in your shoes and let them deal with being called the r-word. Once they understand that kind of pressure, fighting off hordes of savages for literal survival will seem like a piece of cake!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Alt-Right is Pro-White

Terminology is such a vital part of perception. Different terms can hold the same meaning, yet be viewed in an entirely different light. The term “Alt-Right” is a perfect example of this. In most regards, the Alt-Right is a political synonym for the Pro-White sect of the right-wing. Theoretically, Alt-Right and White Nationalism are interchangeable, but the latter has been stamped with a negative brand. Why? White Nationalism isn't open to interpretation the way the Alt-Right is. Technically, anyone can identify as Alt-Right, being that it's ideological and not yet exclusive, but more importantly, is still an undefined enigma for the vast majority. There will likely be a power struggle to subvert the term and harness control of its base, notably by the now weakened NeoCucks. Therefore, it's crucial that those who gave power to the term, define the term. That being said, the Alt-Right is White Nationalism! Both are systemically deconstructive, both have an absolute foundation of Whiteness and both are ideologically very diverse.

The Alt-Right's success can partly be attributed to it's protagonist role, whereas White Nationalism was always viewed as the antagonist. The Alt-Right has made White Identity cool again, and White America has been desperately seeking such. In a multiracial society, the theme is always us vs them. Whites have been forced to associate “us” with oppressor and “them” with victim. The biggest accomplishment of the Alt-Right (excluding Trump's ascent) is that it has disabled the Left's anti-White epithets with memes and mockery. Alt-Right trolls own the virtual world and destroy anti-White rhetoric with a vengeance. Without their imposition of guilt via psychological warfare, the Left is weak and defenseless. Liberal logic has always been a paradoxical misnomer and never holds up in debate.

The emergence of the Alt Right has divided America into two groups: Pro-White vs anti-White. This has evened the playing field for White America, as up until now we were the only group who did NOT operate on an in-group/out-group dynamic. For at least the last 50 years, White America has been stuck in a perpetual cycle of choosing between the lesser of two anti-White evils. This is still the case given the two party political monopoly, but the window of discourse has shifted drastically to the right and erased “anti-White” from half the equation. With the browning of America and the emergence of the Alt-Right, politics will quickly evolve along tribal lines (they already have, Whites are just late to the party). Only candidates racially explicit to their constituency will be electable. Conservatives vs Liberals will give way to the Pro-White vs anti-White narrative, which will inevitably result in the return of White America or balkanization.

The days of politicians catering to everyone but the White voter will be political suicide. No longer will White politicians pathetically pander to the black voter, who accounts for about 2% of the overall vote (after you exclude convicts, felons and those under 18) and 90% of them check the blue box for the bus ride and a two-piece combo meal. In time and with cohesion, it's conceivable that the Alt-Right could account for 30%-40% of the American vote – easily outnumbering any other group, thus holding absolute power in a racially polarized America. In a democracy, albeit a republic, that's political power. Blacks attempt to gain power by whining, blocking intersections and burning down their neighborhoods. Whites patiently manipulate the system, wait for the right opportunity and take power when it's ripe for the taking. White Supremacy isn't just an epithet, it's a phenomenon!

Leadership is always pertinent to revolution, and Trump has become a figurehead of the disenfranchised White majority. But make no mistake about it, the Alt-Right empowered Trump because of his message, not because of who he is. If he falls off message, the Alt-Right will strip him of power and wait for the next candidate. It's important to remember that it's the message, not the messenger. Even more important to remember is that it's not if, but when...