Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holt's #BlackPrivilege + Debate Analysis

Was there ever any doubt that the establishment would pick a black moderator for the presidential debate? Black men might account for 2% of the vote this November, but since the election is racially polarized, it's only fair that a black man should get to ask the questions.

Black privilege is getting special consideration for being black. If Holt was chosen based on the fact that he was black (even if that was just one of many reasons), is that black privilege? Is black privilege categorically systemic racism, or does that only apply to white people? Equality doesn't have double standards, it's a two-way street.

The pundits ranted and raved after the debate, stating that Hillary won in a landslide. Was that based on a point system, or a biased agenda? The establishment' talking heads said the same thing after the South Carolina debate, and Trump won that state easily (and sent Jebra home with his tail between his legs). These “experts” are either out of touch with the American people, have an agenda or a weatherman clause in their contract (wrong 90% of the time and still have a job).

Did the establishment that chose Holt based on his blackness, also choose the questions asked of the candidates? Why not any questions to Hillary about her email scandal? Or on Benghazi? How about her alleged health issues? Nope, nada. Holt and the establishment were more concerned about Trump's tax returns and his views on Obama's birth certificate. Maybe it's just me, but accountability for political actions in which lives were lost, premeditated criminal acts and insuring one is healthy enough to run the country should be more important to the American voter than your accountant finagling tax write-offs, or questioning one's country of birth. Just sayin'..

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

IntellecTroll Tactic: Ridicule the Liar

Political correctness is a PSYWAR tactic used to suppress the truth. It's the establishment lying to society. False narratives are dangerous. For the truth to be set free, the liar must be ridiculed. If you've ever ridiculed a compulsive liar in person, you've seen how effective it is:

Liar – When I was in college, I fucked so many hot chicks.

Me – Bullshit!

Liar – No, I'm serious. I have a huge cock!

Me – Let's see it.

Liar – Huh? What, are you gay?

Me – No, I just want to laugh at your little dick.

Liar – Well, you don't have to believe me.

Me – I don't, so shut the fuck up and quit lying about having a big cock!

Liar – I'm tired, I gotta get up early.

Me – Liar. You don't even have a job.

Liar - ((((crickets))))

This is extremely effective when done in front of their friends or spouse, because they know he's a compulsive liar, too. But they're either non-confrontational, or they don't want to hurt his feelings. After a couple rounds of this treatment, he won't lie to you anymore. If he does, he will do it from a very defensive position, which you can just laugh off, as you know he feels ridiculed before he even opens his mouth, but he can't resist the urge to lie (liars lie).

Treat the lying establishment and their brain dead supporters the same way. When a group of black thugs are running through the streets terrorizing a city and you see someone call them “protesters,” humiliate them!

Liar – We should all support these protesters. It's not fair that black men are getting shot by white cops!

You – Do you know the difference between  protesting and domestic terrorism?

Liar - It's not fair that black men are getting shot for no reason

You - Did your black boyfriend make you say that?

Liar – You're a racist

You – Using the “r word” to convey a message makes you ignorant and everything you say irrelevant.

Liar – Black people have been kept down by white supremacy for hundreds of years

You – How can you have “white supremacy” without non-white inferiority?

Liar – America was built by black people

You - #BlackLiesMatter

Become an IntellecTroll (aggressive trolling using a combination of intellect and wit to ridicule the liar). Set up multiple social networking accounts, as there is power in numbers. People are conformists. Make your posts count, don't get into long debates as they just become a battle of egos, and prying eyes disengage. Be relentless and repetitive - post messages that resonate and have been proven effective. Make statements with questions, then listen for the silence and you'll know you hit your target:

MSM Headline - Student expelled for posting "racist" blackface image on social media

You – How is it “racist”?

Liar – Are you serious?

You – Yea, I am..

Liar – ((((crickets))))

You – 90% of all interracial crime is black-on-white, is that “racist” too?

Liar - ((((crickets))))

So, while we're at it, let's get a non-PC narrative on the Charlotte riots. An armed black man was shot by a black cop in a town with a black police chief. The liars allege he had a book (black man in the hood carrying a book..What are the odds of that?). Somehow, white supremacist racists are to blame. In retaliation, a large group of black domestic terrorists took to the streets and destroyed property, disrupted traffic and attacked police officers, injuring 12. This will likely go on for a couple of days, then the thugs will go back to doing what thugs do. 

Truth is Perception

A continuum within my philosophical repertoire is the concept that “truth is perception.” This hypothesis is derived from the theory that mortal man is incapable of knowing absolute truth, only relative truth. Since we are unable to escape the limitations of human consciousness, the lens of perception becomes absolute for the observer. 

You're either all in, all out, or on the couch watching TV..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Above thought I rise
No longer in disguise
Just me and Now
and the energy of Tao

The illusion of time
is a mental crime
Surrender your name
and any quest for fame

Be patient and still
to find what is real
Don't try and brainstorm
It's not in matter or form

Ego is the fear incarnate
your mind calls fate
Before it's to late

To find your presence
is life's greatest present
The future and past
are no more at last!

Monday, September 19, 2016


You are not your ego.

Your consciousness does not have form.

Compulsive thoughts are time-based, either dwelling on the past or in anxious anticipation of the future.

Enlightenment is to rise above thought.

Nothing ever happens in the past or the future.

Time is an illusion, only Now is real.

The ego is parasitic and feeds of your suffering.



Envision a bright dot in your black mind. 

Focus on it.

Imagine a large circle around the bright dot. 

Don't allow any thoughts to penetrate into the circle. Think of it as a flea/tick collar keeping the parasitic thoughts out. As they gnaw away at the collar trying to get your attention, focus harder on the light. Make it brighter. Reinforce the collar.

Deep breaths in the nose and out of the mouth - inhaling the good and exhaling the bad.

Transcend thought and find You!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why Rapinoe Kneels for the Negro

Megan “kneel for the Negro” Rapinoe is the ugly lesbian professional soccer player who has joined the millionaire mulatto Kaepernick in taking a knee during the National anthem of their athletic events in protest of racial injustice. Nobody outside of her immediate family knew who this dyke was until she decided to expose her mental illness for all the world to see. When ESPN asked her why she decided to take a knee, she stated:

"I am disgusted with the way he has been treated and the fans and hatred he has received in all of this," Rapinoe told espnW's Julie Foudy. "It is overtly racist: 'Stay in your place, black man.' Just didn't feel right to me. We need a more substantive conversation around race relations and the way people of color are treated."

Looky there, the battle cry of the self-loathing white shitlib. Pissed-off by the overt racism, she dawned her SJW cape and came to rescue the poor mulatto from the evil white supremacists (aka patriotic Americans). According to Rapinoe, Kaepernick's temper-tantrum about being demoted to the 2nd string quarterback deserves a “substantive conversation” about race-relations, and I couldn't agree more! So, let's talk:

Why is it that 12% of the population accounts for over 50% of all crime in the U.S.?

If 85% of all interracial crime is black-on-white, shouldn't it be white people who are entitled to “safe places”? I know the feelings of black people are important, but there's a big difference between getting murdered or raped and being emotionally sensitive.

How are black people the victims of white oppression when they hold so many positions of power within the establishment? The argument can be made that if blacks are oppressed, it's the result of the same dynamic responsible for the Chicago and Baltimore murder epidemics – black-on-black.

Any comment on the militant black terrorist who shot 16 people in Dallas, including 14 police officers, whose motive was “he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers”?

What about the black man in Oklahoma who beheaded a white grandmother at work because of his hatred for white people?

Oh, you'd rather talk about the oppressed black athlete? Okay, fine.

The majority of professional basketball and football players in America are black millionaires (70% NFL, 85% NBA).

If white people didn't pay their hard earned money to watch blacks run with a ball, what would the majority of these low IQ athletes do? Become rocket scientists? Sure, some would take advantage of affirmative action programs by going to college and getting a liberal arts degree, but how many would spend their time making illegitimate babies, drinking malt liquor and smoking blunts (when not incarcerated)?

I can't imagine the depression that comes with being an idolized millionaire because of PEG's (performance enhancing genetics - ACTN3), which enables them to run fast with a ball. The psychological torment that comes with fame and fortune in America must certainly leave them envious of their ancestors back in the Congo fending of cannibals while on foot with a spear.

It's obviously a conspiracy theory on part of the “white supremacist” media, but why are black athletes always in the news for raping white women?

Waiting for “kneel for the Negro” Rapinoe to respond would be futile, as we know she won't have any legitimate answers other than conditioned rhetoric like “systemic” this and “racist” that. She'll likely attempt to focus on armed black men who get shot by police. You know, the convicted felons who point their guns at cops and end up getting shot. Maybe she can communicate with the 85 IQ horde who can't seem to get their minds around the concept of law and order. Hopefully she is fluent in ebonics, because the conversation usually goes something like this:

Black – Dat poleece ocifer shot dat man cuz he black.

White – No, ma'am. He was pointing a gun at the officer after robbing a store and wouldn't comply with the officer's demands.

Black – Hell nah! Dose racis ass cops shot dat man cuz he black.

White – The incident was caught on camera and there were several eye witnesses.

Black – He dindu nuffin! I been knowin him. He a goot boy! You can even axe his momma.

White – I'm sorry for your loss, but you can't rob a store and then point a gun at a police officer and expect not to get shot, regardless of what color you are.

Black – White men neva get shot by da poleece!

Black – Sheeiit. Daz a lie! But why dey kill a man jus cuz he have a gun?

White – Ummm. It's against the law for one, plus the cops have a right to protect themselves.

Black – So a nigga can't rob a stoe widout gettin shot?

White – Excuse me?

How's that for a “substantive conversation” on race-relations? Will this appease Rapinoe to the point that she will honor her country during the National anthem, or is she just another self-loathing lesbian looking for a victim card? Honestly, I don't see how her sexual identity has anything to do with “racial injustice,” but somehow she does:

"And quite honestly, being gay, I have stood with my hand over my heart during the national anthem and felt like I haven't had my liberties protected, so I can absolutely sympathize with that feeling."

Hmm, how so? You have the liberty to make a living kicking a ball. You have the liberty to kneel during the National anthem. You have the liberty to be openly homosexual. You have the liberty to be blatantly anti-white. AND, you have the liberty to move to another country. So stand up and show some respect!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Don't blame Kaepernick. He's just a Kid in the Candy Store

Colin Keapernick is a below average NFL quarterback. His play isn't getting him any attention so his source of identity is fading away. In desperation he is attempting to remain relevant by riding the coattails of controversy. In the status quo, what is more controversial than a millionaire mulatto complaining about racial inequality?

A product of his white mother's jungle fever and his black father's absenteeism, Colin was placed up for adoption at 5 weeks old. Seen as an unwanted trophy, a colorblind white couple adopted Colin with the desire of making him a colorful addition to their family tree. Raised in suburbia, he experienced a white lifestyle free of daily drive-bys and carjackings. But like so many other mulattoes, they are confused by their lack of identity. For obvious reasons, they can never identify as white (white + non-white = non-white), thus develop a self-hatred for their whiteness. In doing such, they overcompensate in an effort to appeal to their blackness (i.e. the black community). A lifetime of confusion festers into an inner hatred of self, and they painstakingly seek to latch on to the antithesis of their rooted self-hatred. Had Colin been raised black, this inner turmoil would likely not have manifested because he would have been accepted as black by blacks (albeit a light-skinded brotha). But even more importantly, he would have never viewed life standing outside the window of whiteness looking in. It's like a kid who was taken to a candy store everyday, given one small piece of candy and then forced to watch the other kids eat all the candy they desire. Eventually he would start hating the kids, the candy and the candy store so much that he would become rebellious, and in rare cases the fanatical spokesman for the kids who didn't ever get to eat candy (elevated IQ due to white genetics makes this possible for mulattoes like Colin, whereas typical black behavior would be more primitive: beat kids up, steal candy, rob store - in retribution, of course).

The common denominator of notable "black" leaders is their exposure to whiteness (genetic, environment, culture, etc). Their envy (unhappy admiration) is equivocated into a systemic inequality issue by Marxist provocateurs. Their entire worldview becomes a projection of disdain instead of a reflection of reality: A blame game whose mantra is "he hate me" with a psychological genesis of "I hate me." The kids in the candy store who get to eat all the candy they want don't necessarily hate the kids who don't get to eat candy, they just like eating candy. Obviously, they're going to interact with the other kids who are in the store eating candy with them. It's the kids who don't get to eat candy that are fueled by hatred and jealousy. The kids who get to eat the candy understand that they must eat candy in moderation and brush their teeth afterward. When the candy store owner decides it's not fair that some kids don't get to eat candy, he starts charging more for his candy so all the kids can eat candy. The kids who never got to eat candy before don't understand the responsibility that comes with being able to eat all the candy they want. They overindulge and become fat diabetics with rotten teeth. The fanatical spokesman (mulatto with higher IQ who only ate one piece of candy a day) reemerges and this time focuses his hatred on the store owner. He'll claim obesity, diabetes and rotten teeth wouldn't have happened if the store was owned by one who had never eaten candy. He will organize protests and boycotts of the store and its prejudiced owner. The store owner will publicly apologize for his altruistic misdeeds and beg forgiveness in effeminate beta fashion.

In a perfect world, all kids would get to eat all the candy they want and have the impulse control to do it responsibly. Unfortunately, life isn't fair and equality is relevant in mathematics, not humanity. The problem with mulattoes like Kaepernick who become social justice warriors is that their projection of hatred blinds them from accountability. They never talk about the missing black father phenomenon. They don't talk about black-on-black violence. If they're asked about black crime statistics (Why is 12% of the population responsible for over 50% of all crime?) they say the statistics are skewed on behalf of some systemic white supremacist conspiracy. They totally disregard that 84% of all interracial crime is black-on-white. They don't acknowledge lower IQ averages, or the fact affirmative action programs give them advantages that other groups don't get. They never contemplate separating from white society, because being "oppressed" in a white society is far better than living in a black society. Again, it's all projection and zero reflection. As Sun Tzu says, to know your enemy you must know yourself – the mulattoes' enemy is himself.

The moral of the story is don't blame Kaepernick for his confused hatred of whiteness, blame his irresponsible mother and her conditioned case of jungle fever. She's the one who wanted the black sex, but didn't want the black baby. It's not the black father's fault, he's just a by-product of evolution - sexing as many women as possible when not sitting under a tree waiting for food to fall on his head. If you're content on casting blame, blame those responsible for the epidemic of jungle fever. If impressionable white women didn't think it was trendy to bed blacks, men like Colin wouldn't be burdened with abandonment, self-hatred and confusion - they would just be normal.