Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Two High School Freshman Girls Protest Their School's Ban on Confederate Flag

Two high school freshman girls in Pennsylvania decided to miss the day of school to protest their school's ban on anything confederate flag. Standing outside of the school holding confederate flags that said "These Colors Don't Run," the students gave an interview to a local news reporter and said they were standing up for their rights. Reportedly, 40% of the parents checked their kids out of school due to the girl's protest, and other parents escorted their kids to class to ensure their safety against the fearful flag's imagery.

Kudos to these two girls for exercising their rights and standing up against white-shaming. But where were the male students? I can't help but wonder how many mommies checked their sons out of school and took them home to their "safe space" and let them play video games or watch black men run with a ball on TV. Murica!