Friday, May 26, 2017

Dallas Dindu Rapes & Murders 2 White Women: Would White Societies Be Safer Without Black Men?

Police believe the same man who killed a woman near the Texas Christian University campus in April also killed the woman who disappeared from the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano. 
Reginald Gerard Kimbro, 23, has been charged with capital murder for 36-year-old Megan Getrum’s death.
Getrum’s body was later found dumped in Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas. An autopsy found she had been beaten, choked and raped, and she was likely unconscious but still alive when she was dumped in the lake.
Vehicle registration records led police to Kimbro, who was also accused of raping and strangling 22-year-old Molly Matheson in Fort Worth on April 10. Plano police were able to link DNA evidence from both Getrum’s body and Matheson’s body to Kimbro.
Court records show he is also the suspect in two past sexual assault cases -- one that happened in Plano in 2012 and another in South Padre Island in 2014. Neither case was prosecuted.

I challenge anyone to make the case that white societies wouldn't be safer without black people (particularly black men). Seriously. I mean, how many fucking white women have to be raped and murdered before someone acknowledges that there's a problem here? These dindus, like Kimbro, aren't just randomly raping women, they're exclusively raping WHITE women (not always, but more often than not). Just consider for a second how black people (and self-loathing white shitlibs) would react if there was an epidemic of white men raping and murdering black women? Do white lives matter, too?

This is just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet a few shekels that negroes have killed more white people in the last 50 years than whites have killed negroes in American history. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. If anyone has that data, please share; inquiring minds want to know. And shut the fuck up with your bunk-ass photographic meme of McVeigh, Roof and that spooky-eyed psychopath who shot the congresswoman. Or your "bruvas wood be safer wit out da raycis poleece and sheeit." Spare me, please. In relation to this conversation, I don't give two shits about a handful of white serial killers, or criminiggers who can't follow rules. That's a completely different topic that we can discuss at another time. Right now we're talking about black men who murder white people. So stay on subject, and persuade me with some of that good ole fashioned liberal logic that white people, statistically speaking, wouldn't be safer in a society without black people. And I'm sorry, but a negro who can run fast with a ball, or spit rhymes about bitches and blunts might be a convincing argument for whitey's entertainment, but not his safety. 

Here's my side of the coin: Black men make up roughly 6% of the population and commit over 50% of all murders. Roughly 85% of all interracial crime is black-on-white. Why in the fuck doesn't the media report that? Oh, because we're all just people and race is just a social construct? Is that it? Race is just some kind of optical illusion? Sure it is, until a criminigger gets shot by a cop, then race is real. Or until too many white actors are nominated for awards at the Oscars. Or until some hillbilly's racist rant in Wal Mart goes viral. Then race is real as fuck. But why is that? And while I'm thinking about it, if niggers aren't really niggers, why is that word so offensive? I wouldn't give a shit if someone called me a pink hippo. Wanna know why? Cause I'm not a fuckin pink hippo. Oh I know, what about slavery though. I get it. When blacks were oppressed they were called niggers. So shitlibs come up with this genius idea. Make the word taboo and then it's no longer true. Kinda like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Well, does it?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Missouri Man Charged with Felony for Alleged Racial Slur

A white northwest Missouri man is charged with felony assault after he allegedly made a racially insensitive comment while confronting a black server as she took his breakfast order.
Gaa is accused of confronting the woman on Sunday and grabbing her arm, causing bruising. A probable cause statement says Gaa said, “I have a place I would like to take you where I hung your grandpa” and used racial slurs.
Rice said he will aggressively prosecute the case. Because of the racial comments, Rice upgraded the assault from a misdemeanor to a felony.
“It offended me,” he said about the situation. “Here we treat with respect and dignity so when someone crosses the line they are going to be prosecuted… We will not stand for anybody who mistreats another person, especially because of the color of their skin or what they think is the color of their skin.”
Residents were dismayed by the allegations, but some wondered if a felony charge was excessive.

Alright, so here's the deal, fam. I'm not condoning Mr Gaa's actions, or even suggesting that he shouldn't be charged with a crime. Nobody should put their hands on another person. Period! But the words that come out of person's mouth shouldn't upgrade a charge from a misdemeanor to a felony just because they were offensive to the District Attorney. When the DA publicly admits that the words accompanied with the crime emotionally influenced his actions, it's time for him to pursue another line of work. That's just a blatant lack of professionalism, and his constituents should recognize it as such and hold him accountable come election time.

If I were a betting man, I would say that as a DA, Rice has encountered more offensive behavior than Grandpa Gaa's racially insensitive verbiage. If so, were the charges in those cases upgraded, too? It's obvious the "let me show you where I hung your grandpa" comment was a joke, albeit a tasteless one. Nonetheless, how does a joke, or insensitive comment warrant a felony charge? What about Gaa's white privilege? Shouldn't that get him a pass on the grounds of free speech? Oh, wait. I forgot what the privilege of whiteness really means to those who spew that term. White privilege is the guilt imposed upon whites for being white in an anti-white society. You know, like being charged with a felony because you're white and grabbed a black woman by the arm and said words she (and the DA) didn't like. Gaa can thank his white privilege if he becomes a convicted felon.

Allegedly, the 65-year-old geezer grabbed the 20-year-old negress so forcibly that it bruised her black arm. Maybe he did, I wasn't there, so I don't know. But if so, Gaa must have vice grips for hands. I've been around a few black chicks in my day, and I've never encountered any who are just going to stand there and let some old white dude manhandle them in public (or in private for that matter). But again, I wasn't there. Maybe Gaa is a descendant of Thor, and the black waitress was shy and timid. There are exceptions to every rule, which created the term stereotype, so perhaps. The video below of the two black teachers that recently fought in the middle of class is more stereotypically accurate of the black female behavior I've witnessed. Just sayin. Sheeit.

DA Rice proclaims he is going to "aggressively prosecute" the case. Does he "aggressively prosecute" all cases, or just cases where his feelz are hurt? Or does he only "aggressively prosecute" cases that receive media attention because the victim was called "racial slurs?" What if he had called her a "dumb cunt with shitty ass breath" when he grabbed her arm? Would that have offended DA Rice?

Maryville is 93% white, so I'm not sure if the repercussions of the Ferguson fiasco are evident in this case. Or if the infamous hate crime involving a poop swastika at Mizzou played a role in DA Rice's decision.

Probably a little of both, tossed in with a heaping of white guilt influenced by the Raymond Gunn lynching in Maryville back in 1931. Cause, ya know, a hundred years ago if a black man confessed to raping and murdering a white woman he would get lynched by all the racist white men in the community. And whites are the descendants of those racist, slave owners. And before blacks were slaves, they were kings. Trust me, they were. You can even axe em if you don't believe me. So DA Rice is probably just sending a message to whites who think shit swastikas or hanging a black chick's grandpa 30 years ago is funny. Cause it's not!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Faggotry in Full Color

For the first time ever, the New York City Pride March will be broadcast by a television network, according to Heritage of Pride, the event's organizer. 
 The 48th annual Pride March will be broadcast Sunday, June 25, from noon to 3 p.m. on WABC-TV, the local ABC television station in New York. Those outside the New York City metropolitan area will be able to watch the festivities on the station's website.
"Channel 7 prides itself on being able to bring important, local celebrations of community spirit to as many people as possible," WABC-TV's President and General Manager Dave Davis said in a statement emailed to NBC Out.

Channel 7 prides itself on broadcasting degenerate faggotry to their ever dwindling audience. It kinda makes sense, considering only queers and losers still watch TV. The pariah parade will be like a football game to the fags, feminazis and might-as-well-be-gay-beta-cucks. A festive occasion worthy of tailgating. The smell of tofu burgers, B.O. and ass will pungently fill the smog-ridden air of NYC, as viewers drunk on equality punch cheer on the hordes of marching trannies while they flamboyantly flaunt their elimination from the gene pool. Homosexuality is an evolutionary adaptation to weed out genes not worthy of reproduction. In modernity, due to scientific and technological advancements, seeds that were to never have sprouted now bear fruit. Rotten seeds always produce rotten fruit.

The purpose of parades is to exhibit pride. Sexual degeneracy is behavior any normal person with a moral conscious would be ashamed of. Homosexuals are wrecked with depression and mental illness because they know they're not normal. And I know that "normal" is a relative term, but you know you're a sick motherfucker when you identify as as dude who wants another dude's cock up your ass. Like, that's what people know you as. "Hey, there's Joey. He likes cock up his ass." Normal might be relative, but relatively speaking, that's not normal.

A parade that exhibits pride in homosexuality would be comparative to eating a bunch of spoiled food that caused food poisoning, and then after three days of vomiting and diarrhea you brag to your friends how dry heaving and dehydration toned your abs. "Hey, guys! I got food poisoning and nearly shit myself to death. It was so much fun and my abs look great. You should try it."

All one has to do is observe the behavior of the rejects during these parades. Don't let them fool you, they're not proud to be homosexuals, they just want an excuse to project their fuckin misery onto society. When they walk down the streets with their pierced cocks hanging out, or their droopy tits flopping around, they're saying two things: fuck you and fuck your system that I don't belong in! Normal people want a healthy society conducive to the future prosperity of their children. Sick people (literally, both mentally and physically) who don't reproduce and have psyche issues don't give a fuck about a healthy environment. Remember, misery seeks company. And there's a lot of miserable people in this world.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dindu Impregnates 10-year-old (video included in link)

34-year-old criminigger Nicholas Deon Thrash is facing 10 counts of child molestation for impregnating a 10-year-old girl. The little girl is now 20-weeks pregnant. Sadly, she was exposed to the black pedophile on a daily basis by her mudshark mother with whom Thrash lived with. The mother worked long hours supporting the dindu while he stayed home and had sex with her 10-year-old daughter.

The grandmother of a young girl who was molested and impregnated in Marion says the man charged with the crime was someone they trusted.

Your 10-year-old granddaughter is 20-weeks pregnant by a 34-year-old black chomo because your mudshark daughter "trusted" him, too. Like mother like daughter, I guess. The mudshark is in jail with $100,000 bond for child neglect, so maybe she didn't trust him and instead just turned a blind eye (if so, that's one sick slut). You wouldn't think it would be that difficult for even a semi-observant parent/grandparent to realize their 10-year-old was 20-weeks pregnant. For Christ's sake, and I cringe just thinking about this, but he's a 34-year-old grown ass man; there had to be some signs of physical trauma. If she's 20-weeks pregnant, the little girl may have been 8 or 9 when the abuse started. I don't see how in the fuck granny can get on TV and say shit like, "oh we trusted him," and "he helped my husband all he could." He was a good boy. I just don't see how this could happen. He's a fuckin nigger, you dumb bitch!

“She came out and asked, ‘Can I get my Barbies?’ I said, ‘Of course you can.’ She is still a little girl that wants to play that has to grow up overnight,” said the grandmother.

Maybe if you had raised your daughter properly, your 10-year-old granddaughter would be playing with Barbies and wouldn't be carrying a dindu's kid in her belly. Maybe if you had raised your daughter properly, she wouldn't allow blacks (particularly black pedophiles) around her child. Maybe if you had raised your daughter properly, she wouldn't have become a mudshark. Maybe. Just maybe.

It’s something that’s not easy for her to talk about, but she said she is hoping this will inspire other parents to talk with their children, possibly preventing something like this from happening to another child.

Exactly. And the conversation should go something like this (and be repetitively emphasized to various degrees depending on age): 

The 6 Rules of Dating

Rule #1 - Never, ever, date a negro. You're better than that.

Rule #2 - Never, ever, date a negro. I love you and don't want you to end up dead.

Rule #3 - Never, ever, date a negro. Negroes have high rates of STD's, including AIDS.

Rule #4 - Never, ever, date a negro. No white woman with any shred of self-respect would date a negro.

Rule #5 - Never, ever, date a negro unless you have plans on being a single mother, and we AIN'T helping you raise it!

Rule #6 - Never, ever, date a negro. Why would you date a negro, anyway? That's disgusting!

The family is now asking for help getting maternity clothes for that young girl. They say she is a size small.

All bullshit aside, this is truly heartbreaking. I can't help but wonder how this would be dealt with in a healthy white society. You know, when white men were men, and not chicks with dicks.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Professional Mudsharking

The Mudsharkians patented mudsharking as a profession. They have zero talent, excluding marketing themselves as toad-lovers who will give up those fat asses to any black buck with a name and some cheddar, yet they are in the eyes and ears of anyone not blind or deaf. Now that the (((media))) has desensitized Murica with their constant onslaught of the Mudsharkian soap opera, Muricans have become bored with them (degeneracy is a stairway to a psychological hell; today's taboo is tomorrow's norm). Just as excessive porn causes erectile dysfunction, excessive mudshark promotion by the (((you-know-who's))) has Muricans looking for the next pretty blond who will let some low IQ beast fondle her on the red carpet. She doesn't need talent, just a pretty face and the morals of a blind and broke harlot in desperate need of a fix.

Enter one Lindsey Vonn. A snow skier who rode Tiger's dong to fame. After Tiger tapped that ass to his ethnically striped heart's content, he gave her the boot (or maybe she tired of role-playing as Tiger's kinky white slut with a fetish for black cock and bailed). Apparently, Vonn dated Brittany Spears' ex, and nobody paid much attention (he wasn't dark enough). So, she decided to restore her claim to fame and go back to the dark as a mudshark.

The eyes are the window to the soul. The emptiness in those eyes says it all (maybe not it all, cause "don't want no short, short man," is blaring from a jukebox somewhere). That blank stare into the camera is sad. Seriously, this chick got a sample of fame and it ruined her. Just go look at her Instagram. Every picture screams, "look at me, I'm beautiful.... aren't I? I mean, I'm in my 30s, don't I look good? Doesn't my ass look amazing? C'mon, brothers, I'm showing you that booty, is it big?"

The (((media))) consumed her essence, and in the end (((they))) will chew her up, and spit her out (just like Tyrone does a leg bone). The Mudsharkians are Armenians, so they're born gold diggers. Look at KK, she knew that big ass was starting to get all cottage cheezy, and found a rich rapper to impregnate her, which in turn secured the financial existence for her and her child. But Vonn is of Norwegian decent and has that soulless gaze, so she's either a sociopath or stupid (maybe both). Either way, if anyone questions the anti-white agenda of the (((media))), question no more. It's not a conspiracy, Goy. (((They))) hate you!

Voltaire once said, "judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." Here's a couple questions: I challenge you to name one snow skier, man or woman (cause, you know, I ain't genderist and sheeit). If Lindsey Vonn (or the Mudsharkians, for that matter) "dated" white men, would you know who she was? The (((mind shapers))) only care about snow skiers if they're attractive blond mudsharks. Why? No white male in his right mind wants to see some attractive white woman with a dindu (if you do, you're a cuck). And white women are an extension of white men (the rare exception being the rug-munching feminazis), so why do (((they))) deem mudsharking as news for the Goy? Is it virtual clickbait similar to rubber-necking a bad car wreck? Sure, with the end game being white genocide. Every thing happens for a reason. White genes are recessive, and miscegenation is inevitable in a multiracial society. The proprietors of globalism are also the proprietors of white genocide.

In a healthy white society women like Lindsey Vonn wouldn't have to sleep with short groids to feel appreciated and worthy. Her desires for fame and fortune would be fulfilled by the love for her white husband and a future for her white children. Who's to blame, you ask? You are, white man!