Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Role of the Pseudo-Intellectual in the Alt-Right

A decade ago, motivated by curiosity and the quest for camaraderie, I stumbled upon the White Nationalist forum Stormfront. Contrary to the judgmental view held by the Left for those who would be interested in such a site, my girlfriend hadn't left me for a black guy, I hadn't lost my job to a Mexican, nor had I been outsmarted by a Jew or Asian. I considered myself (and still do) to be innately racial, which logically transitioned into a racial realist. I grew up in predominately white suburban America, and the few non-white students I attended school with over the years were never belittled or ostracized because of their non-whiteness. However, only a liar or an idiot would say they didn't see the differences between them and us. Even if those differences were just physical observations, they were differences nonetheless. Those differences shouldn't be polarized in terms of good or bad, rather as elementary biological and cultural realities of race (not good or bad, just is). I remember on two separate occasions a black kid transferred to our school in the middle of the year. As a member of the football and basketball teams, I knew (and hoped, being a team first kinda guy) they would play sports, and they did. From my years of team sport participation, even black kids who weren't that good at sports were still better than the average white kid, just due to sheer genetic athletic ability (PEG's – performance enhancing genetics; e.g. ACTN3). Throughout my many years of team sports, the biggest problem I witnessed with the black athlete was if they could keep their grades up in order to remain academically eligible. While African PEG's can be advantageous in a white society, African IQ's can be a disadvantage. I personally never had a problem with blacks, so my identity as a White Nationalist doesn't stem from any hatred for blacks (although their typical group behavior leaves much to be desired). That's another myth of the Left, that White Nationalists are ignorant racists with an inferiority complex (e.g. “you're only racist because you're jealous of...”). Exceptions to the rule of social norms created the need for the term stereotype, so I'm sure there are a few White Nationalists who became such because their wife banged a Negro while he was at work, and he ended up finding out about it when she confessed after he tested positive for gonorrhea or birthed a mulatto.

Speaking of stereotypes, to say I was pessimistic when I ventured onto Stormfront for the first time was an understatement. But I quickly realized that, at least in this case, the stereotype of the toothless redneck with an IQ of 80 wasn't the norm. As a matter of fact, the intellectual discourse on the forum drew me in and my identity hence thereafter has been that of a White Nationalist. It was refreshing to exchange ideas with other intelligent people who thought similar to myself. However, what I soon discovered was that there was very little camaraderie, and a whole lot of dissension. For some it was a virtual toilet bowl for egomaniacs with anti-social personality disorders who wanted to flush their inferior opposition by imposing the intellectual dominance of their virtual alter ego. Perhaps this description is somewhat harsh, and definitely doesn't apply to everyone, as good faith dialogue can cement one's worldview with the expansion of knowledge. I learned a lot in a short time reading through various threads on Stormfront. It is a great tool, and for many like myself, the intellectual introduction to White Nationalism. But anyone who has spent much time on Stormfront knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Over the years, Stormfront's family tree has grown exponentially, producing a plethora of pro-white/White Nationalist/Alt-Right/manosphere blogs and websites. The problem is that the expansion remains virtual and primarily pseudo-intellectual. When I say pseudo-intellectual, I'm referring to those with an IQ between 105 and 120 (nothing to scoff at, by any means). Anything below the 100 to 105 IQ range are the simpleton revolutionary targets of the intellectual's simplified doctrine. Anything above 120 is the intellectual class. The pseudo-intellectual has a foot in each realm, which enables dual citizenship, for lack of a better term. He can downplay his intelligence when it serves its purpose, and vice versa. In relevance to our topic, the pseudo-intellectual spends his time writing above his IQ, using big words to impress his audience and suffice his ego. It's not that he's not capable of producing highly academic material, but subconsciously he reluctantly fights the reality that both feet aren't in the intellectual realm, which cause him to overcompensate with unnecessary terminology to validate his work. We've all read the thousand word essay, where in order to understand the premise we had to reach for the dictionary at least five times. The intellectual, as the Communist Party understood so well, always used the most simple of terms to express simple ideas for the average, or below average, IQ revolutionary. Historically, it's common for the revolutionary to be illiterate, or of a very basic educational background. As White Nationalists, we might be inclined to assume that our revolutionary class is smarter than revolutionaries of past, but that wouldn't be completely accurate. Perhaps more educated, but not necessarily smarter. When writing politically motivated propaganda, the first question one should ask is, “Who is my audience?” The intellectual's audience is the revolutionary, not his peers. His work should be centered around propaganda in simple and easily understood phrases (e.g. – You're either pro-white or anti-white; Stop White GeNOcide; Illegals are criminals; etc). The intellectual doesn't need to offer logical, academic terminology or explanations for two reasons: 1) it would turn off his audience because he wouldn't understand it, 2) the revolutionary isn't interested in the why's or how's, he's an idealist concerned with good and evil. The pseudo-intellectual's audience is his peers and (he hopes) the higher IQ intellectuals, with the primary psychological motivation of approval and acceptance. He isn't motivated by the prospects of revolution, he is motivated by his ego. There comes a time when we have to ask ourselves, “why am I doing what I'm doing, and what difference is it going to make?”

For the last ten years, at least 90% of what I've read by pro-white writers is the work of pseudo-intellectuals. That's not a knock against people who are pseudo-intellectual writers, as they obviously have something to say, and often say it with great eloquence. The internet forum, such as Stormfront, is the perfect environment for such expression of thought. But there are so many sites now that are focusing on topics that are completely irrelevant to White Nationalism, and more concerned with traffic. I'm not referring to the satire or parody that has become common amongst the pro-white right, as this is both practical and tactical. Ridiculing the enemy is a very effective tactic, and pseudo-intellectuals would be much more effective to the cause partaking in trolling as opposed to anything idealistic or abstract, such as philosophy. Pseudo-intellectuals attract other ego driven pseudo-intellectuals. Neither they, nor their audience are revolutionaries. In all practicality, they're for entertainment purposes only.

Intellectuals need to understand that the blueprint for successful revolution has already been written, and they need to focus on simplifying it into good vs evil idealism for the blue collar personality types that are always responsible for carrying out the intellectual's revolutionary plan. Academic pissing contests can be entertaining for participants and a handful of spectators, but what purpose do they serve? Do you want a future for white children, or do you want to fill up the comment section? Everything done within the cause should be for the cause. If not, it's ego-driven drivel, which translates into one word: Hobby.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mexican "Vigilantes" Chop off the Hands of 6 Petty Thieves

Six alleged criminals were found alive with their hands chopped off after an apparent vigilante attack in the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico’s second biggest city, on Monday afternoon.
Authorities in the western state of Jalisco confirmed that five men men in their 30’s and a 44-year-old woman were being treated for amputations in local hospitals after they were discovered at about 6pm in Guadalajara’s Tlaquepaque district. The woman’s partner, a 39-year-old male, was found dead at the scene.
Graphic images circulating on social media showed several bloodied men with their hands hacked off at the wrists. Some had the words “I’m a rat” tattooed on their foreheads. Their severed hands were dumped in two plastic bags that lay beside them.

A handwritten banner left at the crime scene accused the victims of disrespecting women and children, breaking into people’s homes and stealing vehicles, jewelry and cell phones, among other alleged crimes. It was signed by the “Elite anti-rat group”. Thieves and petty criminals are commonly known as rats in Mexico.