Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Liberal View of Mizzou

When liars control the narrative, reality becomes fiction. When the social pendulum is swung by deceit, chaos is soon to follow. As degeneracy becomes a staple of American society, those degenerates empowered via victimhood will eventually bite the hand that feeds it. In a degenerate society, it's inevitable that the “victim” and the society become one, eliminating the power structure. At which time the society is either conquered by alpha nations, or revolution swings the social pendulum, restoring might is right. A good example of this paradigm beginning to unfold can be witnessed in the recent Mizzou fiasco. The USA Today provides a megaphone for “marginalized victims” with their article Mizzou African-American Football Players Join Protest for Removal of President. I deemed it appropriate to format my critique in the form of parody, as to personify the USA Today's intended audience's mindset. Without further ado, the article begins with:

A series of racist and allegedly racist incidents at a growing number of schools including Yale, the University of Oklahoma, Ithaca College and the University of California, Los Angeles have sparked protests and petitions at campuses nationwide.”

A series of racist incidents? My goodness, that sounds terrible! Was somebody killed or assaulted? Well, actually, no, but it sounds scary. For instance, in the aforementioned Yale incident, a white fraternity is accused of only wanting to party with white girls. I know what you're thinking - no biggy, right? But white guys who prefer to party with just white chicks are racist. I mean, if they don't want to get drunk and bed black chicks too, they should get kicked out of school for Christ's sake! Thankfully, hundreds of Yale students marched in protest of this terrible atrocity in what they deemed an act of “institutional racism.” If those little bigots want to go to Yale, by God they better be willing to party with black chicks.

And how could anyone forget the horrific injustice last year at the University of Oklahoma? Chanting a song while drunk on a bus, just like privileged racists! Ugh! Fortunately, the two primary chanters were exposed and promptly expelled from school. And the university proved that it wasn't racist by hiring Jabar Shumate as it's new Chief Diversity Officer. Not sure what his professional qualifications were, but at least he's black (as if a white man even deserved an interview). After all, diversity just means fewer white people, and that should be celebrated in academia. Now that Jabar is enforcing diversity policies, all the future black football players can feel safe in knowing that drunken chanting on a bus by white frat members won't be tolerated at OU (blacks chanting the racist, sexist lyrics of gangsta rap is different, so don't be insensitive to black culture!).

If those two examples weren't enough to validate the concept of institutional racism, somebody (nobody knows who) allegedly took a dump in a restroom at the University of Missouri and used the feces to artistically create a swastika. Now this is big time! And if for one second you think that there's a possibility a non-white did this, you're a racist and should be fired from your job! Sure, a devout Christian would never symbolize his faith with a cross of turds, but racists will radiate hatred anyway they can. Yea, there have been several instances of Jews being caught spray painting swastikas in hate-crime hoaxes, but why would you bring that up? Only a Holocaust denier would remember those facts.

The predominately black football team (and just because they're getting a free education for being able to run with a ball doesn't make them dumb) joined the protest and agreed not to play football until the president either resigned or wrote a handwritten letter stating that he got his position of power due to his white male privilege (black genetic privilege has nothing to do with blacks being able to run fast with a ball, so stop thinking that way!). Missouri defensive back Anthony Sherrils tweeted a picture of 30 black football players with the following comment:

The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere.’ We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”..

No! White is not a color, it's a construct. So the white football players are just football players and the black football players are part of an exclusive, UNITED group of oppressed athletes of color (only criteria being an athlete of color – excluding white, because white isn't a color, dummy!). In other words, athletes of color are racially cohesive, operating on an in-group/out-group dynamic, with the out-group being “marginalized” to nothing more than an oppressive construct. Understand?

He also tweeted:

We're black. Black is powerful...”

What do you mean what would happen if a white football player tweeted the same thing? Do we need to have another talk about slavery? Blacks can't be racist because they don't have any power – remember? Duhh..

The social justice warrior responsible for bringing these horrific accusations to light is a “marginalized” black man named Jonathan Butler. He didn't experience any name-calling (i.e. racism) personally, but after hearing about it, he decided to dawn the SJW cape and starve himself to death unless something was done. Who better to take the cause of privileged oppression than one with a family net worth of $20 million? The struggles he has endured for notoriety can be summed up with one word: Heroic!

He wrote a letter to the Missouri Board of Curators in which he gave the reason for his actions:

racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., incidents that have dynamically disrupted the learning experience for marginalized/underrepresented students at the University of Missouri.”

Oh my gosh! How was this man able to graduate facing such adversity? It doesn't matter if his “marginalization” lowered the academic standards for his acceptance, or that his true “marginalization” is membership in the wealthy (and oppressive) 1%. Why would that matter? He's a victim regardless of the shiny, silver spoon hanging out of his mouth!

He went on to give examples:

MU canceling Planned Parenthood contracts; a student drawing a swastika in feces inside a residence hall; “peaceful demonstrators” being threatened with pepper spray; and the Missouri Students Association president, Payton Head, being called “the n-word” while on campus.”

How in the world did a black guy get elected student body president at such a racist university? That's odd. The school is only 7% black, and an obvious haven for Neo-Nazis. Oh well, I'm sure his allegiance is with the racist university and not black people. It's about color transcending character to destroy the oppressive construct.

When Mr. Head was asked by a Jewish student reporter about “systemic oppression on campus” he replied:

My friends are called racist remarks every single day and the only reason you heard about my story is because I’m president of the campus.”

Every single day the elected student body president and his friends are called racial epithets? Every. Single. Day. And yes, some random redneck speeding by in a truck screaming racial epithets is a perfect example of “systemic oppression on campus.” Every. Single. Day. I know, I bet you're thinking he's lying. You probably never seen a black guy get called the “n word” and just walk away, but just because most black guys act violently towards racist white guys doesn't mean you should stereotype. And the fact that 12% of the population commits over half of all violent crime is only because racist cops like to arrest black people just because they're black. Geesh, I thought everybody knew that. Were you not paying attention to what happened in Ferguson when that gentle giant got shot by the cops for no reason?

The reporter was so moved by Mr Head's reply that he decided to talk about his own experiences of racism on campus:

I think that’s really powerful right there. I’m Jewish, I’m in a Jewish fraternity, and I’ve dealt with racism, I’ve been called things in bars.”

He didn't elaborate on what kind of “things” he had been called, but I'm positive “liar” wasn't one of them. No! No! Don't you dare suggest that he might be the turd Nazi. I can't believe you!

After Mr Butler admitted that the unbelievable acts of racism on the campus wasn't Wolfe's fault, but rather his “responsibility to address,” Wolfe agreed to meet with Mr Butler and listen to his concerns. After the meeting, Wolfe made a statement in which he said:

I am very concerned about Jonathan’s health. His voice for social justice is important and powerful. He is being heard and I am listening. I am thankful for the leadership provided by him and the other student leaders in raising awareness of racism, injustice, and intolerance.”

Wolfe also addressed racism on the campus:

Racism does exist at our university and it is unacceptable. It is a long-standing, systemic problem which daily affects our family of students, faculty and staff. I am sorry this is the case. I truly want all members of our university community to feel included, valued and safe.”

He has to be a crypto-racist! I can't believe he didn't say something racist like, “90% of all interracial crime is black-on-white.” What a wuss. Just own it, dude!

With the football team threatening to cancel the upcoming game against BYU, which would cost the university upwards of a million dollars, Wolfe and the Mizzou chancellor resigned, stating it was best for both the university and community. With his team's record at 4-5, Coach Pinkel sold out the administration for the sake of job security (and not being called the “r word”), and even though coach of the year is totally out of the question, Cuck of the year is a definite possibility (you got my vote, coach).

It's so awesome that the marginalized people can unite under the umbrella of victimhood. Now we can be assured that the next president of Missouri will be hired based on skin color and not qualifications. I mean, seriously, who really cares about videos of black mob violence on campus when somebody is called “things” in a bar and a turd swastika is found in a dorm bathroom at 2 in the morning? The status quo of the United Victims of America!