Thursday, November 24, 2016

We Should be Thankful for the Alt-Right

I sit here full-bellied pondering the things I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. Of course there are the obvious individual things (family, health, happiness, etc), but I'm thinking collectively from a Nationalist mindset. After all, I think most people forget that the philosophy behind Nationalism is group prosperity and not individual accolades based on egocentric escapades. In the Land-O-Letters, ORION is an acronym, but when disconnected it should still be the battle hymn. The Alt-Right is the political phoenix of White identity with the letters ORION emblazoned across its puffed-out chest as it rises from the ashes AGAIN!

I am thankful that the Alt-Right has restored faith in the hearts and minds of our people. I intentionally use the word faith, as faith is an expectation of goodness, whereas hope is fear-based fate.

The rising phoenix is awaiting the metamorphosis of man. Who will this man be and when will he lead his people to victory? For this empowering thought alone, we should be thankful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hail Trump! Hail Spencer! Fuck Lying Liberals!

Liberals have been triggered by Richard Spencer's recent speech at the NPI conference in which he exuberantly exclaimed, "Hail Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!" About five people in the audience were recorded giving the Roman salute (imagine the frenzy if the entire crowd would have partook... maybe next year, huh Richard? -wink, wink). Trump is a step in the right direction, but nobody in the Alt-Right views him as the reincarnation of Der Fuehrer. Yet nonetheless, Spencer's mockery of #LiberalLogic invoked outrage from the lugenpresse and their lemmings. The NPI conference was a private formal gathering put on for paying attendees of like-mind. A think-tank of intellectuals presenting ideas while engaging in camaraderie. If you don't like their message, don't pay to attend the conference. Simple common sense, right?

For some reason, the Left becomes hysterical when a group of people not ideologically on the same page with them decides to assemble (even if in private). A radical group of ANTIFA's protested the event and assaulted a male and female who ventured into the crowd with a camera and attempted to ask questions as to why they were so angry. They carried signs and chanted slogans like, "Refugees are welcome here!", "No Donald Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA," and "Fuck White Supremacy." These violent radicals are so disgusting they carry around bottles of their shit and urine to spray on people who don't think the same as they do. But you'll never hear them complain about 90% of all interracial crime being black-on-white. Or that 40 million third-worlders have illegally entered the country and have taken American jobs, leached off the welfare systems and reintroduced communicable diseases that at one time had been eradicated in the U.S. That doesn't bother them in the least. If anything, they encourage rapefugees to enter White countries.

Their message is that of tolerance, but they are intolerant of a group of people holding a peaceful conference. They shame people for shaming. They name-call those who name-call. They hate those who hate. There is absolutely zero rationality in their mindset. I've said for years that hypocrisy always has an agenda, and it's either ignorance or hatred. #LiberalLogic is the hatred of hate: The liberal's hypocritical behavior is projected hatred of self upon those deemed responsible for their self-hatred. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. These people are anything but indifferent, they're just hateful! Their one true love is hatred. Think of it like this: If you ever want to know who shit their pants, say "damn, someone shit their pants" and look for the first person to point their finger. The lugenpresse and their readers perpetually point the finger of hatred... 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

White Lives Matter vs White Lives Don't Matter

A small group of White Lives Matter protesters held a protest in Austin, TX and were met by a larger mob of White Lives Don't Matter counter-protesters. The counter-protesters were mostly self-loathing white shitlibs holding Black Lives Matter signs and chanting "Black Lives Matter! Racist Lives Don't!" (Isn't that an oxymoron?)

After the police escorted the WLM protesters away from raucous mob, the rambunctious entitlement entourage of self-loathing white shitlibs, black inferiorists and whatareyou's? got hyphie and eight were arrested.

This is typical behavior for black inferiorists and whatareyou's?, but the parents are to blame for the actions of the self-loathing white shitlib's. When momma is a feminist and daddy is effeminate the child is usually a degenerate.

Rep to Fascist Lemming for having the balls to wade through the shit to show the world what shit looks like..

5-year-old Comes Home from School with Swastika Drawn on His Hand - Grandmother Brought to Tears

A grandmother was brought to tears over a classmate drawing a swastika on her 5-year-old grandson's hand. He said his friend drew it on his hand while on the school bus. The boy said the "hate symbol" hurt his hand and he kept it wrapped in a cloth while doing his homework, according to the distraught grandma.

"Accountability is what's most important for our family right now," says Letty Comin (boy's grandma).

The family asked the school to take the incident seriously or other students will think it's acceptable to draw swastikas on their classmate's.

This poor child has been traumatized. He had no idea what the symbol meant, he just knew it caused pain to his hand. Instead of the family rushing to the media for attention, they should have told him to wash his hands with a little soap and water to alleviate the suffering. Poor kid! He's probably going to grow up to be a Nazi now.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Don't Send Your Kids to College

Kevin Allred, a homosexual "feminist" professor at Rutgers University, was detained by NYPD and taken to a psychiatric ward for an evaluation after posting a tweet in which he threatened to "buy a gun and start shooting atrandom (sic) white people."

When not tweeting racist threats, Allred is best known for teaching a course called "Politicizing Beyonce," which is an examination of politics through the lens of the black feminist pop star Beyonce Knowles (Why Rutgers hired a gay white male to be the interpreter of black feminism is insanity in-and-of itself). The result of their Marxist experiment is that they have an unstable lunatic lecturing on their campus. A person who uses the platform Rutgers provides to gather an audience to espouse his hatred for "Whiteness," which is ultimately just a hatred of himself. Everything about this guy screams "I hate myself and I'm batshit crazy!" The excessive tattoos and bizarre haircuts to disguise himself. The boastful homosexuality (flamboyantly flaunting his elimination from the gene pool). The atheism (It's God's fault). The hatred for his own heritage and culture. He epitomizes all the traits of the modern day self-loathing White liberal.

Rutgers had to know this dude was nuts. Just look at him and listen to what this weirdo has to say? Read his freaking tweets, for Christ's sake. He's a vehement anti-White racist! And to give Allred a pass on his anti-Whiteness just because he is White is absurd. Being White doesn't exclude one from being anti-White. Did Bobby Fischer's Jewishness prevent him from being an anti-Semite? This leads me to conclude that Rutgers was willing to sacrifice their integrity as a respectable institution of education to propagate their cultural Marxist agenda. I don't see how it can be deciphered in any other way. They knew he was unstable, yet they hired him anyway. Are there any criteria that Rutgers places above diversity? Here are a few of his tweets from last week:

This isn't just a random anti-White queer, this is a professor in academia. What if he were saying this stuff about black people? Or Asians? Or illegals? Or gays? Or women? This whacko is just full of hate, and the only people he can openly spew his hatred against are heterosexual White Christians. If he even vaguely spewed that kind of rhetoric about any of the "marginalized" groups afore mentioned, the entitlement entourage would be marching to the Dean's office and he would be terminated immediately. You and I both know that to be fact.

It's professors like Allred that are shaping the minds of the youth. The same youth who grow up to elect the future leaders of their society. Research has shown time-and-time again that conformity is human nature. Sure, there are those who are going to make the case that if you don't like what Allred is teaching you don't have to take his course. Or that he is the exception to the rule, and one bad apple doesn't make the whole orchard rotten. But if that's your stance, you're not getting the point. During these tolerant times, when academia gives various groups of people "safe spaces" to protect their feelings from being hurt, how is it that such vehement anti-White rhetoric is tolerated in the very realm in which bigotry is so despised?  

There are some in the pro-White Right or Alt-Right who have made the argument that since White America has elected Trump, the PWR is now in the position of establishment as opposed to that of an insurgency. I disagree. The establishment constitutes four sectors of a society: government, academia, media and finance. The Right, and more importantly the PWR, doesn't control any of those sectors, perhaps excluding the upper echelon of government (and Trump hasn't even taken office yet, so any commentary on his reign is premature). Remember, almost all of the Senate and House Republicans are career cuckservatives. Trump says he's going to "drain the swamp," but that still remains to be seen. So, we'll put an asterisk beside government (*to be determined).

Anybody who is reading this and has ever turned on a television knows who butters the media's bread. Trump's election practically brought them to tears. They tried with all their might to sway public opinion. And what was one of their primary tactics? To reference their little brother, Academia: Trump's main supporters are "uneducated white people." In other words, White people who haven't been subjected to years of the establishment's anti-White indoctrination courtesy of teachers like Kevin Allred. Because if they had been, they wouldn't be ignorant and therefore would have voted for Her and not some misogynist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, racist, homophobic douche bag, right?

Then you have finance, which you better believe they have an interest (literally) in your children attending college and incurring $100K in student loan debt. And as anyone who has a familiarity with student loans will attest, it's virtually impossible to default on loan repayment. It's not like a house or car where you just file bankruptcy or tell them to come pick it up. They're gonna get their money, with interest! There's only a couple ways to get out of repayment: join the military, full disability or death.

The establishment power process in a democracy: academia indoctrinates the society. The media reinforces said indoctrination with 24/7/365 propaganda. Politicians run their campaigns based on the indoctrinated and propagated social norms. All three collude with (((greedy financiers))). 

The only thing most White kids get out of college are hangovers, STD's and debt. Unless your child is an aspiring doctor or lawyer, do yourself, your children and the future of America a favor: Don't send your kids to college!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Make America America Again

I've been studying the Russkiy yazyk and I remember when I asked my language exchange partner to give me the Russian stereotype of Americans. She said Americans, “smile all the time, aren't capable of deep thoughts, 18% are homosexual, 50% are black and 80% are fat.” This was a few months before the Trump election sent the whiny entitlement entourage of black inferiorists, illegal third-worlders and self-loathing whites into the streets to protest democratic defeat, so I'm sure our worldly image continues to plummet thanks to their “I didn't get a loser trophy” behavior. Those who aren't breaking windows or attacking Trump supporters are desperately looking for “safe spaces” stocked with government issued single ply to soak up their salty libtears. If the media didn't perpetually cover these losers, they would scurry back to their mother's basement to take bong rips of reggie and stream reruns of Will and Grace. But for some reason, the establishment media wants to impress upon the world that our societal rejects are the face of our nation. Hopefully, with the election of Trump, the world will understand that the entitlement entourage isn't representative of America, and that America has voted out political correctness, illegal immigration and the overall “gibs me dat” mindset of the Hillary horde.

Undoubtedly, we are a nation divided by two: pro-white and anti-white. Hyphenated Americans are un-American. Although the tolerant tribe will respond with their virtual smoke signals of slave mentality ("Europeans stole the land from the Natives!"), the term "native-American" is a misnomer fueled by confirmation bias. Unless the "Natives" organically grew out of the ground like trees and didn't migrate like the rest of humanity, how are they any different than any other group that came here? Europeans didn't steal America, we created it! Save your "but uh" for your bread, and your tears for your O'Douls, cause as with anything that's great, the reactionary response is always love or hate. America was great because it wasn't Mexico, Teepeeville or Africa. Trump knows this, and he won the election with one word: "Again!"

The reversion of change: Make America America AGAIN!