Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Missouri Man Charged with Felony for Alleged Racial Slur

A white northwest Missouri man is charged with felony assault after he allegedly made a racially insensitive comment while confronting a black server as she took his breakfast order.
Gaa is accused of confronting the woman on Sunday and grabbing her arm, causing bruising. A probable cause statement says Gaa said, “I have a place I would like to take you where I hung your grandpa” and used racial slurs.
Rice said he will aggressively prosecute the case. Because of the racial comments, Rice upgraded the assault from a misdemeanor to a felony.
“It offended me,” he said about the situation. “Here we treat with respect and dignity so when someone crosses the line they are going to be prosecuted… We will not stand for anybody who mistreats another person, especially because of the color of their skin or what they think is the color of their skin.”
Residents were dismayed by the allegations, but some wondered if a felony charge was excessive.

Alright, so here's the deal, fam. I'm not condoning Mr Gaa's actions, or even suggesting that he shouldn't be charged with a crime. Nobody should put their hands on another person. Period! But the words that come out of person's mouth shouldn't upgrade a charge from a misdemeanor to a felony just because they were offensive to the District Attorney. When the DA publicly admits that the words accompanied with the crime emotionally influenced his actions, it's time for him to pursue another line of work. That's just a blatant lack of professionalism, and his constituents should recognize it as such and hold him accountable come election time.

If I were a betting man, I would say that as a DA, Rice has encountered more offensive behavior than Grandpa Gaa's racially insensitive verbiage. If so, were the charges in those cases upgraded, too? It's obvious the "let me show you where I hung your grandpa" comment was a joke, albeit a tasteless one. Nonetheless, how does a joke, or insensitive comment warrant a felony charge? What about Gaa's white privilege? Shouldn't that get him a pass on the grounds of free speech? Oh, wait. I forgot what the privilege of whiteness really means to those who spew that term. White privilege is the guilt imposed upon whites for being white in an anti-white society. You know, like being charged with a felony because you're white and grabbed a black woman by the arm and said words she (and the DA) didn't like. Gaa can thank his white privilege if he becomes a convicted felon.

Allegedly, the 65-year-old geezer grabbed the 20-year-old negress so forcibly that it bruised her black arm. Maybe he did, I wasn't there, so I don't know. But if so, Gaa must have vice grips for hands. I've been around a few black chicks in my day, and I've never encountered any who are just going to stand there and let some old white dude manhandle them in public (or in private for that matter). But again, I wasn't there. Maybe Gaa is a descendant of Thor, and the black waitress was shy and timid. There are exceptions to every rule, which created the term stereotype, so perhaps. The video below of the two black teachers that recently fought in the middle of class is more stereotypically accurate of the black female behavior I've witnessed. Just sayin. Sheeit.

DA Rice proclaims he is going to "aggressively prosecute" the case. Does he "aggressively prosecute" all cases, or just cases where his feelz are hurt? Or does he only "aggressively prosecute" cases that receive media attention because the victim was called "racial slurs?" What if he had called her a "dumb cunt with shitty ass breath" when he grabbed her arm? Would that have offended DA Rice?

Maryville is 93% white, so I'm not sure if the repercussions of the Ferguson fiasco are evident in this case. Or if the infamous hate crime involving a poop swastika at Mizzou played a role in DA Rice's decision.

Probably a little of both, tossed in with a heaping of white guilt influenced by the Raymond Gunn lynching in Maryville back in 1931. Cause, ya know, a hundred years ago if a black man confessed to raping and murdering a white woman he would get lynched by all the racist white men in the community. And whites are the descendants of those racist, slave owners. And before blacks were slaves, they were kings. Trust me, they were. You can even axe em if you don't believe me. So DA Rice is probably just sending a message to whites who think shit swastikas or hanging a black chick's grandpa 30 years ago is funny. Cause it's not!

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