Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Facebook Censorship: They Can't Handle the Truth

I've had a FB account for about 10 years. It's a personal account, not a troll account. I've liked a handful of local news pages, as well as a few national ones as a way to keep up with current events. From time-to-time over the decade I have commented on some of those pages (I don't post my politics on my timeline. If you know me, you know my politics. I'm not trying to convince grandma she should be a WN), and maybe even trolled them on occasion. But moreso as the honest shepherd shining light on the darkness that is the falsehoods of the anti-white shitlib horde (SJWs always lie). It goes without saying that as a self-proclaimed thought provocateur that I've been provocative in my posts, but never once have I been banned or even warned over the years. And trust me, I know for a fact the butthurt shitlibs have reported me on more than one occasion. However, that has recently changed. Within the last month I have had posts deleted and been placed on temporary bans twice for three comments. Comments that obviously soiled the panties of emotionally based shitlibs, but are they really ban-worthy? You be the judge:

1. A "mentally unstable" armed black man was shot by cops when he refused to put down his two butcher knives. My response:

"It's not fair that cops keep shooting armed black criminals because their IQs are more suited for jungles than civilizations."

Now, of course the self-loathing white shitlibs (aka white supremacists) wholeheartedly believe you can bypass thousands of years of evolution by plucking negroes out of the Congo and giving them a pair of shoes and teaching them how to read and then suddenly in a couple of generations... BAM! They become civilized Europeans.

This particular post CogDissed the shitlib horde to the max. They believe it's unfair (ie "racist") to shoot armed black criminals, too. But the difference is they believe the armed black criminal was shot just because he was an armed black criminal and not because his ancestors evolved in a primitive environment non-conducive to Western Civilization. Genetic adaptations take 25,000 years to occur, and although the African in America has certainly evolved faster than that, thanks to their 25% European DNA, they still have several thousand years to go. CogDis is real, y'all.

2. On the same day (yes, I got a two-fer), I commented on the gays forbidding the other gays from entering a Trump float in their gay parade. My response:

"Gays are the most hateful people."

Now if I had said "Christians are the most hateful people," nobody would have given two shits. This also goes to show that politics trump sexuality for the sociopathic queers. Their agenda is to project their misery on society. Misery seeks company and there isn't a more miserable lot on the planet. I'll admit that this comment is arbitrary and judgmental, but ban-worthy? No slurs. No profanity. Just an honest opinion. That's censorship 101.

3. Washington D.C. decided to allow gender neutral driver's licenses. My comment:

"The tranny argument is that roughly a million ppl "identify" as tranny (> .003% US pop). About the same # of ppl identify as God, bigfoot and aliens. Only difference being they're medicated and/or in psych wards. Trannies are mentally sick."

Once again, FB has opted to censor the truth. This comment can't be refuted logically cause you can't logically refute the truth. So the solution? Censorship (ie "say things we don't agree with and we will ban you - and more importantly, ban your voice of reason"). 

And, for the handful of those thinking "quit whining and get off of FB," my response is this: Two billion people are on FB, including my family and friends. Why should the truth (or even my opinion, as long as it's not profane) eliminate me from participation? Sure, I could just ignore biased BS and move along, but that's not who I am. When NBC posts their daily barrage of anti-white (((news))) somebody needs to remind the masses that:

"NBC is anti-White"  

When the truth is censored all that's left is lies. Conformity doesn't discriminate and the masses are asses. Censorship, regardless of the which side of the aisle you're on, is oppressive and always has an agenda. I'm not a whiner who can't follow the rules, I'm a truthspeaker who refuses to accept the liar's narrative. When censored, the truth is perception manipulated by deception. Or as Orwell said, "Ignorance is strength." 

In closing: 

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